EXCLUSIVE! Rodo Sayagues and Fede Alvarez depart from EVIL DEAD 2 / what MACHINA is going to be about


After being the first to inform that JASON STATHAM was going to be part of FAST AND FURIOUS 6 (click  HERE to access the original posting, and  HERE  to watch my video talking about it on the AMC Movie Talk); this week we have more exclusives.

We just had an interview with RODO SAYAGUEZ, co – writer of the EVIL DEAD’s remake and constant collaborator of the director FEDE ALVAREZ, where he told us that:

– both he and Fede Alvarez are no longer part of EVIL DEAD 2.
– it is possible that the film will never be made.
-Sam Raimi is actively working on ARMY OF DARKNESS 2.
– his next film will be MACHINA, and is the story of a teenager who gets in troubles with a large corporation in Los Angeles of the near future.
– next year they will be working on several other projects including DANTE ‘S INFERNO and an original horror film.
– they also have at least two more projects that are in a very early stage of development.

At the bottom of this story you have the interview where he tell us about this, and this weekend on our show he´ll also tell us about the truth of the rumor that they were working on the script of DR . STRANGE and one of the spin- offs of STAR WARS , their meeting with MARVEL to discuss another character (other than Dr. Strange ), and what happened with the movie based on the short PANIC ATTACK! that they were planning to film on Uruguay and Argentina.

We also learned that the title of his next project is pronounced ‘ MAKINA ‘ (as it sounds in Spanish) , but actually comes from the Latin expression: ” deus ex machina ” which means ” God from the machine ” , that at least in screenwriting refers to a miraculous solution that is not very consistent with the rest of the plot.

On the interview (that’s more than half an hour long ) we discussed many topics , including: his life in Hollywood and the workshop on script writing that he will be giving in Montevideo on December 9 (you can access the information here) :

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